Standing Water and Drainage Solutions

While most people know that drainage issues are bad - few are aware of just how dangerous, and costly, they can be.

Standing water isn't just unsightly, it's also an ideal breeding ground for pests - like mosquitoes. Pooling water also provides a water source for rodents, attracting vermin to your property. If left for too long, improper drainage issues can also cause problems to a home's foundation.

It's not uncommon to find water pooling under trees, or in neglected areas of the property, but even minor drainage issues can lead to more serious problems.

Here are some of the dangers of stagnant, standing water:

  • Health Concerns
    Stagnant water is a breeding place for mosquitoes and flies. Mosquitos can carry serious diseases, including West Nile Virus. They can also transmit heartworm to pets. Pooling water also creates an environment where mold, another health hazard, can thrive.
  • House Damage
    Improper drainage can cause serious structural issues with a home. Over time, invasive water can damage foundation of the home, resulting in the need for costly renovation.
  • Damage to Trees and Shrubs
    Standing water at the base of trees or shrubs can result in root rot. Water pooling at the base of trees can also serve as a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.

Prevention and Solutions
To help combat the problems that come with standing water, it's a good idea to take steps to prevent irrigation issues from occurring in the first place.

Ensuring that your gutters are clear and the downspouts cleaned and pointed the right direction is a start, but you should also ensure that there is a proper drainage system in your yard, and that excessive runoff is handled properly. You should also make sure your sprinkler system is in proper working order so that your lawn is watered - but not drowned.

You should also make sure that your taps all close properly and don't leak. Turn over all unused empty buckets, and drain containers such as bird baths regularly to prevent water from becoming stagnant over time.